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Jack Ward may be a handsome, wealthy playboy, but he’s also one of H.E.A.T.’s most successful detectives and he’s on a mission to finally crush the drug cartel plaguing Atlanta for good. When the investigation leads him to an elite, private preschool, Jack knows the best way to get information is to go undercover as a teacher. For designer-suit wearing Jack, a preschool is the last place he wants to be, but he’ll do anything to get intel… including get close to his gorgeous teaching partner.


Bowman School teacher Rachel Novak doesn’t have time to date, or so she tells herself. Widowed four years ago, she’s lonely but scared to take the leap… until she crosses paths with her new classroom partner. Jack is sex on a stick, flirty, and confident. Although she’s wildly attracted to him, Rachel can’t shake the feeling there’s more to Jack than meets the eye and, lonely or not, he’s a risk she shouldn’t take. But when she finds herself in danger, the mysterious, sexy teacher may be the only man who can protect her.