All three Grayson books are now available together (and in paperback!)

What's the best Christmas present you ever got?

Personally, I can think of two. The first was when I was seven (I think?) and I woke up to Barbie's dream house waiting under the tree for me. I'd been pining for one for what felt like forever, and I was so excited to move my Barbies out of their ramshackle cardboard apartment and into the mansion these fabulous women deserved. I still remember the excitement, the surprise, the sheer JOY of seeing that hot pink contraption under the tree. (Side note: I later learned that my dad stayed up until like 2 in the morning putting that thing together). 

The other gift is my daughter. She was due on Christmas Eve, and while she came about a week early, I know that I'll forever cherish her as the most amazing gift I've ever received. (So cheesy, I know.)

I mean, I've always loved Christmas and New Year's, gifts aside. It's such a magical time of year. I love that we celebrate with so much light and love during the darkest time. The days are short, but the cheer is seemingly unending. 

Plus, let's not forget the Hallmark (or Lifetime, or Netflix) movies. Pure cheese. Pure awesomeness. 

So, knowing how I feel about Christmas, it's probably not a surprise that I wrote a Christmas story. It's a heartwarming story about a single dad, the new-in-town pediatrician, and the two of them finding love at Christmas time. I loved writing it--so much that I wrote a sequel featuring the hero's identical twin brother. This one took place at New Year's Eve. Then, I wrote another follow up, featuring their cousin. This one took place almost entirely at a Mexican resort. All three are short rom coms and super fun and cute, but with plenty of steam.

That being said, these aren't new stories. They're all a couple of years old, so if you've been around for a while, you may have already read them. If not, I have good news for you. I got the rights back to these stories (that I love so much), and I've republished them with new covers and better prices. Hooray! 

And now, for the first time, all three books are available in a discounted box set!

All three books are available on their own--the first two are only 99 cents, and the third is $1.99. But, if you want to grab all three Graysons for a single click, the box set is available for only $2.99! Additionally, Can’t Help Falling in Love is also available in paperback—and this is the first time these stories have ever been available in print. Just click on one of the images above for buy links, first chapter peeks, and more!