Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello: OMG, is it Happening?!?

Ever since their music video, “Senorita,” dropped, rumors have been swirling about Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Their chemistry in the video was totally insane, and fans (including me) immediately began shipping them.

Camila broke up with her boyfriend, Matthew Hussey, not long after the video dropped, further fueling the gossip that she and Shawn were an item.

Shawn and Camila haven’t confirmed that they’re dating, but they also haven’t denied it. And apparently, they were spotted looking very cozy and romantic at a Fourth of July party, which they later left holding hands.

Also, if you haven’t seen it, take a look at this behind the scenes video:

What do you think? Dating or nah?

This Music Video Is Basically a Romance Novel

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello just released the music video for their new song, “Senorita,” and um…are they dating? Because if they’re not, maybe they should be. Their chemistry is fire in the video (which is a little NSFW, just so you’re warned).

Check out the video, and then we’ll discuss.

This video is a straight up romance novel, right? The sexy dance scene, the super hot hotel sex, when he picks her up and pushes her against the wall—it’s all so freaking hot. And a lot of these moments could’ve come straight from any number of romance novels, including mine. Stripped has both a sexy dance scene and super hot hotel sex, Dirty Boxing has a very steamy sex scene up against a wall, and Take Down is filled with smoking hot hotel sex. This video is catnip for steamy romance lovers.

And the lyrics are also pretty sexy, and also could’ve been ripped right from the pages (or ereader screen) of your latest fun, sexy read. At one point, Camila sings “you say we’re just friends, but friends don’t know the way you taste.” OMG! Shawn sings “her body fit right in my hands.”

I need a cold shower. Holy hell.

I don’t know if they’re actually dating or not. It’s just a music video, meant to sell the song, so maybe they’re just acting. Maybe they’re not dating but they should be. I’m not sure. I think I’ll watch it a few dozen more times while I make up my mind.

What do you think? Acting? Real sexual chemistry? What’s your take?