The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Confession: I’m low-key obsessed with engagements and engagement rings. I love it all. The guy picking out the ring. The proposal. The heady rush of love and excitement. The romance of promising yourself to one person, for the rest of your life. I love writing engagement scenes, which is why I so often include them as epilogues in my books. Spoiler alert: Primal Instinct, Chain Reaction, Take Down, and No Contest all have engagement-epilogues. The hero and heroine from Necessary Risk also get engaged during the events of Primal Instinct, and the same happens for the hero and heroine of Dirty Boxing during Take Down. I love spending time picking out engagement rings for my heroines.

I often draw inspiration from celebrity engagement rings, so I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings. Let’s drool over the romantic bling together, shall we?

Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey’s engagement ring from her billionaire boyfriend James Packer (who is, sadly, now her ex fiance) was rumored to cost a whopping $10 million. Mariah infamously wore the ring for a year after they split, and honestly, can you blame her?



Jay-Z proposed to Beyonce with this 24 carat stunner—valued at $5 million—back in 2008. He liked it, so he put a (massive) ring on it.

Kim Kardashian


Kanye proposed to Kim with a mega-rock in 2013. At 15 carats, it’s worth $4 million. Sadly, the ring was one of the items stolen from Kim during the 2016 Paris robbery.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing” Lopez rocked this 8.5 carat blue diamond from Marc Anthony, who dropped a cool $4 million on the ring in 2004. He had to go big to top the 6.1 carat, $2.5 million dollar pink diamond she’d received from Ben Affleck only 2 years earlier.

Blake Lively


Not only did she snag one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, she also snagged one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous rings. This 7 carat stunner was rumored to set Ryan Reynolds back $2.5 million.

Which one of these rings is your favorite? Personally, I think Blake Lively’s is my fave. The pale pink diamond is so pretty.